Anti Violence &  Crime Prevention Initiative” Peace Not Beef”

Indiana R.O.S.I. is here to provide an anti-violence awareness solution, that will help to make a long-term positive impact. By offering solutions that will aid in the reduction crime, recidivism, and overall crime prevention in Indiana communities and among our youths, R.O.S.I. poised to make a difference.

Our mission and commitment to this program is solely to train and teach our children, youth and adults alike to take on a more positive perspective, outlook on life, while operating in excellence and developing “Peace Agents” who reside in our schools, churches and neighboring communities.

Our anti violence initiative, is set to develop “Peace Agents,” who are willing and able to display conflict resolution, our best decision making practices, successfully conquer fear which limits personal growth, display leadership, display the mental strength it takes to block peer pressure, embrace diversity and live an overall healthy and prosperous life.

We mediate peace.  Please contact R.O.S.I. with your community concerns or personal conflict issues. We want to help.

Please Read: Letter from the Founder