R.O.S.I. is forever dedicated to serving the community and providing resources that can assist not only with the youth in staying healthy and fit, but also our young adults. Below is one of our many partners that can assist in providing excellent athletic training, fitness, and life coaching skills. As we continue to grow, R.O.S.I. will provide more and more resources to assist in the near future. Thank you!

R.O.S.I. is dedicated to helping to build an overall healthy lifestyle.  Our health and fitness curriculum will help offer the following;

  1. Fitness gym on site trainer
  2. Aerobics
  3. Zumba and JT Hip Hop Abs work outs
  4. Healthy Nutrition for children and family
  5. Youth Basketball and open gym and tournaments
  6. Adult Male basketball and open gym
  7. Football and baseball tournaments
  8. Family and Fellowship Volleyball
  9. Free Health screening

Schedules to be announced soon. Thank you for your patience.