A new perspective and approach to Felon Reintegration, that offers our Signature from “Custody to Commodity Concept” and test pilot/ training program.

Our reintegration program will start its process by conducting a profile of each felon, that will determine the individual strengths, prior education, previous work experience, build and implement a Personal Success Plan, and a direct career development process, that consist of various training modules, working in conjunction with other Indiana based businesses that share in providing training, apprenticeship programs, internships and support.



Some organizations we are working with are:

Work One Indiana


Keys to Work

RISE Indiana

Fathers and Family


Target Market and Eligibility Criteria

  1. First Time Felons: Male and Female
  2. Felon between the ages of 18 to 25 years of age
  3. Nonviolent and Low Class Felony
  4. No offenses against woman or children.

Program Objectives :

Eligible felons will acquire knowledge based workshops, work force development and on the job training, assessments and support, offered by our program in the following area.

  1. Home and Building Restoration
  2. Alternative Green Energy and Solar Panel Project
  3. Community Garden
  4. Entrepreneurship

Our program offers family support though life coaching with coping skill workshop and group family counseling sessions geared towards providing tool to aid in personal development and success.

Our Program creates an environment that infuses success by using the following tools:

  1. Guided program to promote self-sustainability and accountability
  2. Community service program is designed to simulate hands on job training.
  3. Reinforce success fundamentals through training and support
  4. Accumulative Point System design to track progress, build credentials and other such accolades and awards.

Project Impact ability and Goal:

Our reintegration program will impact 300 first time felon per year with room for future growth.

This is a six month transition housing and in-house training program, that will aid in the success of 150 felon participant and offered continued support that will result in the following:

  1. Felons remain gainfully employed, thrusting Indiana’s economy.
  2. Felons become a viable part of society.
  3. There will be a reduction in crime in Indiana and recidivism of repeat offenders
  4. Certificates of completions and continued support will deem the felon truly reformed

Peace Agents

Peace mafia Youth Coalition and our anti violence and crime prevention initiatives, will aim it’s focus on developing Peace Agents, who will acquire life skills, and training to display the following ;

  1. Conflict Resolution
  2. Decision-making practices
  3. Anti Bulling
  4. Conquering Fear and Peer Pressure
  5. Embracing Diversity
  6. Building a successful future
  7. Life Investments, both positive and negative
  8. Self sustainability and Workforce Development

Our goal is to reassure all participants by helping them get ahead mentally, while also helping them understand the power of choice. This training will show them how to utilize that power effectively which initiates “Self-Identity” and builds confidence. This in it self promotes self positivity, which will transition into future success, wealth, and prosperity.

Please Read: Letter from the Founder