Letter from the founder


Dear Supporter,


The fact that your reading this letter says a lot about you and suggest that we have a lot in common. We are people that care about the people of Indiana. I founded, Redemption Outreach Services Inc.,(ROSI) simply a person wanting to make a difference. The programs we offer, were developed to address the societal issues that plague our communities and offer real solutions, training and support, that yields positive change, personal growth and development that results in self sustainability. Our signature programs encompass fresh perspectives on old issues and quite frankly, if we are expected to assist in impacting the areas of our concern or moving in our mission, then taking a new approach is what we are striving for.

The four programs we offer, I could not be more proud and eager, to measure the results and success stories one by one. All four programs are signature and place special concentration on credential building hands on training, applied learning tools, internships, a network of apprenticeships programs, geared toward strengthening the economy here in Indiana, through work force development, and offering personal development through the success of fundamental workshops, life coaching with coping skills, family counseling and support. I urge you to get familiar with our programs ,and get involved in whatever way you can to help us along in our mission to improve the quality of each others lives, as well as of the residents living right here in Indiana. This can be done by any support, donation or volunteering of your time, helping us with training, program based products, services or simple monetary support. Redemption Outreach Services Inc.,(ROSI) is a 501C3, non for profit organization. Your gifts, no matter how big or small, are fully tax deductible, greatly appreciated and will go toward positively impacting the lives of the people of Indiana through our programs.

I reach out to all like-minded organizations, foundations, state officials, lobbyist, advocates, churches, down to any single individual, who are willing to work together to make a sizable impact on the communities and economy here in Indiana. These societal issues have been bigger than any one individual or organization to date. My hope ,is that we can all do are parts, collectively.

I look forward to hearing from you and thank you in advance for your much needed support.

Demetrice L. Bruno

Founder, Redemption Outreach Service Inc.