With the help of REDEMPTION OUTREACH SERVICES INC  (ROSI) I have been able to completely change my life for the better.  They helped me with the expungement process, I didn’t even know I qualified for . now that my felony is expunged, I was able to acquire a great job at Lowe’s customer service department. I also enrolled into college.  Thank you ROSI.
Anderson, Indianapolis  Indiana

I went to ROSI, for work force development and training. And with there help, i was able to create a resume and find a much better paying job that allow me to better take care of my family. Thank you, ROSI.
Jeffery S, Indianapolis IN

I was able to find a job after i was released from womens prison, with the help of REDEMPTION OUTREACH SERVICES INC. I feel great.
L Jones, Muncie Indiana

I had a felony that haunted me for 11 years.  ROSI helped and even sponcered my expungement.  I have a new job. I took advantage of family counciling through there referral program, life coaching, and empowerment work shops, they all have been very helpful to me. I feel better than i ever have before because of there support. Thank you ROSI  staff.
C Williams

I recommend ROSI  to any one who is out of jail or juviline  and want a fresh start or to change their life.  They helped me and im on the right track.
John, Indianapolis